#StopDropAndNotice invitation starts on
December 1, 2018



This is an online experience, taking place inside a closed Facebook group where you will be able to dive into:




and WHEN to




what’s present for you inside your body 


If you feel called to join you will be invited to deep dive into this and your body for 10 days with lots of support 


Then for the rest of December (you know that calm, not at all stressful or emotionally weird month) whenever you want, this will be your safe space where you can simply STOP, DROP and NOTICE by bringing awareness inside, for three minutes, before you carry on 


This is what you get


  • Short “LET’S DO THIS” video to get you started 
  • Three videos on WHY, HOW and WHEN to Drop In to YOUR BODY (that you can watch at any time it feels right for you)
  • Three optional BONUS videos to deepen your practice even more
  • A short #StopDropAndNotice audio meditation that you can download to your device and listen to whenever you wanna be guided back into your BODY
  • Access to #StopDropAndNotice Facebook Group where you will be able to practice STOPPING, DROPPING and NOTICING by Going Live for chunks of three minutes at the time and/or by posting words describing what your present moment is like INSIDE your BODY
  • 10 days of lots of LOVE and SUPPORT inside the Facebook Group (December 1 – December 10, 2018)
  • 10 days of PRIVATE Messenger or WhatsApp support (when you reach out) (December 1 – December 10, 2018)
  • A safe space throughout the month of December 2018 where you can keep practicing STOPPING, DROPPING and NOTICING any time you would like to (you will get “lifetime” access to the group and the material and will be able to participate, without paying again, any time there’s a new live round) 




– an online invitation to DEEPEN the CONNECTION and DEVOTION to your ESSENCE, WITHIN YOUR BODY


Price: 48 EUR


I invite you to DROP IN and NOTICE if this feels resonant for you 



If it does, here’s how to join





If you feel called  to join and after signing up (by filling out and submitting the form below) you will receive an email from me (Titti Tera Nidhan) with instructions on how to pay 48EUR (PayPal or Swish) (for those who need a reduced rate due to various financial circumstances, please use the message field below)



After paying and before the course begins, you will be invited to join the #StopDropAndNotice Facebook Group where you will get access to everything you need to to get started  



If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at info@teraidhan.com

Join #StopDropAndNotice by submitting the form below and paying 48€

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