Anchor Embodied Calmness, Stability, and Interconnected Living: Your Foundation for Navigating Life's Ups and Downs

If you're eager to cultivate a profound connection with your body's inherent stability, skillfully navigate challenging thoughts and emotions, and thereby live a truly authentic and fulfilled life, secure your spot below.

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Embodiment approaches to cultivate your inherent sense of support and interconnectedness in everyday life

Ready to reclaim direction over your life, regardless of external pressures? It's time you turn towards the calm in the storm within you. To be in the drivers seat of your life. 

Together, we create a practice that is uniquely tailored to your needs and pace.


Connect with your body and senses to discover yourself and your life from within.


Cultivate a deeper awareness of the denied or hidden internal sensations.


Enter the world of embodiment through developing a new skillset.


Approach challenges and obstacles in life from a grounded place.


Nurture a rich sense of trust with your body and in your ability to lead yourself in life.


Pressure, tension and stress are not problems to be fixed. They are access points for self-connection. 


Learn how to accept and navigate uncomfortable emotional states instead of engaging in behaviors that repress them.


Transform any external validation seeking and tap into your inner compass for a more fulfilling lived experience.


Sensation-Based Movement Complimentary Membership

Titti extends a warm welcome to individuals like you who identify as highly sensitive or maybe as a high achiever, high-functioning on the outside yet struggling on the inside with anxiety or unhelpful patterns in relationships and other areas of life. If you often find yourself caught in the cycle of overdoing and exhaustion, and if at times you have this sense that there must be something wrong with you, this is the moment to connect. Join us inside the Sensation-Based Movement complimentary community.  We strongly believe that by listening to internal sensations, we can navigate life and relationships more effectively. 

It's time for a sensation-based culture, transitioning from the old disconnected domination culture into a world where internal sensations are valued and everyone is connected to their body and to their true power.

Meet Titti Paulina

Through individual guidance and support, I help people develop the skills needed to discover themselves from within and to embrace a sensation-based approach to life. By bringing GENTLE awareness to our bodies and our internal sensations, we can uncover our true selves and live more authentic and satisfying lives.

My approach is based on years of study and practice, both through methods such as yoga, meditation, feminine embodiment, and as a body awareness physiotherapist within the fields of mental and sexual health. 

I have worked with some of the best mentors in the field, including the incomparable Lorella Ricci, who has taught me how to skillfully navigate the complexities of the feeling body, of “the Underworld”.


These experiences are a remembering, not in theory or as a mental concept, rather through the body. Your movements in the world will become less attached to any results or needing things to be or look a specific way. We go beyond being "functional", polished and having healed all trauma. 

Sensation-Based Movement Complimentary Membership 

Get a taste of what it is like to become a part of a movement towards a more embodied, sensation-based world where you no longer have to over-work or be chronically stressed. You get to develop your natural gift of bodily sensitivity and learn how to trust and lead yourself. 

SENSE (a 6-week online incubator)

Combining the wisdom of meditation, embodiment practices, mental health physiotherapy, and expert guidance in recovery and addiction support—compassionately addressing patterns of addiction to stress or external validation—this course offers a comprehensive journey towards self-discovery and self-trust.

Embrace a unique blend of practices designed to foster a profound sense of interconnectedness, belonging, and true power, empowering you to create more and more of the life you truly want

What others are saying...

Titti is known for guiding others through their inner terrain to a place that feels safe and calm which naturally brings a richer experience of interaction with areas of life such as relationships, career, entrepreneurship, money, sexuality and parenting. 

Reconnect to the body's natural stability. 

"I have realized it is not a sign of something being wrong with me when the uncomfortable sensations come. I don’t need to fear them anymore."

Reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm

"Before I started working with you in this way I often found myself stuck in stress and anxiety without being able to do anything about that. Now I know how to navigate it."

Embody confidence through acceptance

"I have realized that it takes self trust to dare to allow the tension to inform me and with this work I am learning to access that self trust through the body."

Interact with others and life more authentically

"I can experience pain and disappointment (or joy and excitement) without drowning in it now. I can listen to its message and use it for guidance."

Anchor Embodied Calmness, Stability, and Interconnected Living: Your Foundation for Navigating Life's Ups and Downs

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*By entering your name and email you will be added to my mailing list. I take care of your personal data in accordance with my privacy policy and you can unsubscribe at any time. 

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