I am an Embodiment Coach // Economist // Physiotherapist (with a special interest in mental and sexual health) // Partnered Meditation Facilitator // Mom // Business Owner

By the time I was a teenager I had lost the connection with myself and I had even lost the knowing that I had lost it. Well, the way I see it,  this connection is never really lost, but as I lived in a story in my head that was constantly telling me I needed to make myself and my life better or different I didn’t have awareness of who I really was anymore. However, one day I happened to notice something else, besides that story in my head. When I did, a whole other way of navigating life and relationships opened up to me. Since then I have been committed to continuing to practice this way of relating to myself and to my life, and to bring these options and the tools that I’ve learnt and this possibility of self-awareness and self-leadership out into the world.


I am not here to give anyone instructions on how to live their life. I support people to remember how to lead themselves and how to interact more authentically with others and with life.



Have you experienced a state of being self-connected as opposed to running on autopilot and would like to increase the frequency of being in that state of self-connection?
Do you at times finds yourself struggling and striving and pushing through, kind of having to pull yourself together and put on a mask to keep up with the pace of the world?
Do you somehow know that there is another way to be, a more effortless and satisfying way to live life?
Maybe you had glimpses of a more effortless way of being when on vacation, during a yoga class, or when relaxing in a spa, but would like to bring that state of contentment into more and more of your everyday life too?
Do you find yourself feeling overwhealmed, exhausted, stressad, anxious or angry from time to time?
Do you get curious about the idea of not having to get rid of exhaustion, stress, anxiety or anger but to instead use them as a way into that inner sense of calm and contentment?
Would you like to be led by your own internal guidance system instead of being pushed around by both internal and external opinions, thoughts, judgements and forces that are not really coming from yourself?
Are you  interested in personal development self-help, self-care, and trauma healing but can also find those things quite stressful, making you over-analyze, feel broken, hopeless or confused at times?
Do you get excited about remembering that you are not broken and that you have everything you need right here, right now but tend to forget that?
Would you like to build stamina in your connection to your internal guidance system so that you can be supported by that, and lead yourself (as opposed to just follow the crowd) in all areas of your life?

If you answered yes to most questions above, then you might be the person that I am here to support

“Titti has an incredibly & powerful presence that is both supportive & healing. If you are seeking a coach to support you bring more aliveness, love & expansion to your life I’d highly recommend working with Titti”

Jenna Ward

Founder School of Embodied Arts

“Titti has such deep compassion and insight, I’ve been so blown away by all of her responses and they have guided me along this path so gently. Titti has helped me see that this is about trusting my own pace and process.”

Pamela Quiery

“Titti has a fantastic way of making you feel welcome, accepted and seen. New ideas and shifts were evoked, without a feeling of being judged. I have been able to remind myself to respond more compassionately to myself, my partner and my children”

Stina Berggren

“I want to say how impressed I was with your support earlier. I am amazed at the new perspective, at the capacity to be with the raw sensation, at the difference it makes… blown away by the process and also your capacity to guide me through it. And also, what used to annoy me so much because it would take me into thinking is now the very resource that helps me find the perfect distance to BE with whatever is present! It’s incredible!”


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