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The price to join Devotion2Depth is somewhere between 250EUR and 1000EUR and you decide a price between that span that will support you to stay as committed as you wanna stay. My desire is for you to use your money here in a mindful way. First of all I want you to stay within your financial limits yet I would also wanna invite you to stretch a little bit so that the investment in and of itself contributes to you getting the most out of our 12 week together. 

It’s easy to stay deeply committed to changing our habitual ways of living life at the beginning of a 12 week journey. When some weeks have passed, when challenges and habitual patterns start coming our way – there is a weird way we can make the price we paid to join our accountability partner. 

Here’s a video where Maira Jorba and I talk about money, Devotion2Depth, and the participants chosing their own price (This is an an invitation to wath, not an obligation, there are no “should” or “have tos” in Devotion2Depth. Please only watch if it feels right for you)

If you do listen to this conversation I would love to know what comes up for you as you do (whether you wanna join Devotion2Depth or not). 

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If you feel like joining Devotion2Depth I would love for you to feel into that desire deeply and to check where it is coming from

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It is my deepest desire that you don’t decide to join or that you don’t decide what price to pay from
fear of missing out
or believing that Devotion2Depth will fix you.
Devotion2Depth will not fix or heal you!
Devotion2Depth is about reminding you that you do not need to be fixed or healed.
And Devotion2Depth is all about taking action from that state where we remember that there is nothing we need from anyone or anything else in order to feel the way we wanna feel (free, safe, content, happy, whole).
What Devotion2Depth offers is a place to come and be reminded about this again and again for that to eventually become second nature.
Devotion2Depth is meant to be a counterweight to all those things that might have you believe that there is something wrong with you.
So the information in Devotion2Depth is not meant to tell you what’s best for you, how to live your life or how to navigate your inner landscape.
Only you know that.
And I believe that it is an unfolding, continuously changing truth and that you know it by feeling it, by experiencing it.
And that feeling and experiencing it happens
through the body.
”My invitation, my challenge to you here, is to journey into a deeper intimacy with the world and your life without any promise of safety or guarantee of reward beyond the intrinsic value of full participation”

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