When I read about things such as personal development, trauma healing, self-care, healthy relating or conscious parenting I have many times ended up feeling overwhelmed by all the ways it landed in me as if I am broken and in need of improvement or fixing. In combination with an already quite busy schedule, it could feel torturous to even imagine that I now also had to add self-care or some new technique to the schedule. Plus, what if I would once again commit to doing something for my well-being and then end up feeling guilty for not doing it.
Therefore I have created The Anti-Overwhelm Way. I am passionate about practicing a sensation-based way of relating to myself and my life and bringing these options and the tools that I’ve learned and this possibility of self-awareness and self-leadership out into the world. And I am not willing for that to happen in a way that creates or enforces a sense of not-enoughness, brokenness, need of improvement or comparison in you or myself.


There is no right or one way:

What I share is never meant to sound as if it is the right or the only way. It is not meant to be absolute or the final word. I absolutely don’t claim to know the entirety of the world of experience of the human being. And I don’t believe that the world of experience of the human being lends itself to simplified models. What I share is meant as an alternative perspective for you to consider. I share my way of perceiving things and my way of doing things in hopes that it will reveal something to you that is personal and intimate, in hopes that it will guide you inwards, in a direction that makes sense to you.
If you do or think of things differently than I do, I support and value your perspective, experience and choice.
I am not interested in who is “right” and who is “wrong” about things. I am curious and passionate about our capacity to hold several ambiguous possibilities and opposite perspectives, in suspension together. And how not being so effing definite may be the most intelligent and mature state of being. Because I believe that in this process of setting aside what is right and what is wrong and instead working across disciplines and across beliefs, listening to and welcoming (by sensing!) all the parts that make up the whole, we can create medicines for this incredibly complicated moment in time. Medicines that we would never produce if we didn’t embrace uncertainties, differences and contradictions.

There is nothing wrong with any part of you, the deceptive allure of wanting to change ourselves to be rewarded and the danger of viewing trauma as an individual’s problem:

The risk of giving someone exercises to add to an already busy schedule, discipline, resistance, guilt and hurts around autonomy & choice:

Trusting our unique process and timing, effortless doing, honoring transitions, one step at a time and vertical vs horizontal journeying:

Being real, unpolished and ”messy” as a way to contribute to freeing ourselves from the domination culture:

Domination, power abuse and spiritual bypassing:

Different experiences, backgrounds and welcoming feedback and dialogue:

"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience"

"Each person needs a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for"

"Our greatest experiences are our quietest moments"

"What's in the way is the way"

"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are"

“Doing nothing can sometimes be the most effective form of action”

“In resting we are renewing our energy to fulfill our commitment"

"The Master allows things to happen. She shapes events as they come. She steps out of the way and lets the Tao speak for itself"

"Whatever you are experiencing is a doorway into a more spacious place"