Titti Paulina


Titti Paulina invites you into exclusive conversations beyond the Underneath podcast episodes that allow all the parts and sensations that we usually try to avoid to be experienced. What if welcoming all those parts that we usually hide is the portal into something entirely new that may wonderfully turn what seemed certain (and logical) all upside down...

Living Audio Library Objectives

Witness and feel into these conversations that are an exploration ground where we explore what's true between us and what wants to happen, in each moment, without having an agenda of any specific outcome, without twisting existence by going into patterns.
Allow these conversations to move something through you, something that you usually may try to contain and control.
Give the body space to let you know what’s needed; listening to that body wisdom as it speaks to us.

Your Experience Facilitator

Titti Paulina

Titti Paulina is an embodiment coach, partnered meditation facilitator, economist and a Licensed physiotherapist with a special interest in mental and sexual health. 

She is also a mom to [two beautiful girls] who loves to support people to remember how to lead themselves and how to interact more authentically with others and with life.

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Titti Paulina

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