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Devotion 2 Depth

Exploring the intersection of myths, storytelling, parts work, embodiment and interconnectedness with physiotherapist, Titti Paulina.

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Devotion 2 Depth is a digital immersion made up of 6 modules that walk you through sensation-based leadership so you can deepen your connection with your body, learn how to navigate difficult sensations and make a deeper connection with your life. 

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Welcome! It is my deepest desire that you don’t decide to join or what price to pay from fear of missing out or believing that Devotion2Depth will fix you somehow. Devotion2Depth will not fix or heal you. Devotion2Depth is about reminding you that you do not need to be fixed or healed. Devotion2Depth is about taking action from that state where we remember that there is nothing we need in order to feel the way we wanna feel. The price is somewhere between 250EUR and 1000EUR and you decide a price between that span that will support you to stay committed. My desire is for you to choose a price that falls within your "economic limits" yet still stretches you a little bit so that the investment in and of itself contributes to you getting the most out of our 12 weeks together.

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Titti Paulina

Through my group programs as well as individual guidance and support, I help people develop the skills needed to discover themselves from within and to embrace a sensation-based approach to life. 

By bringing GENTLE awareness to our bodies and our internal sensations, we can uncover our true selves and live more authentic and satisfying lives.

titti paulina

Exploring the intersection of myths, storytelling, parts work, embodiment and interconnectedness.

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